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    The hospitality industry has bounced back better than anyone imagined after the devastating period of recent non-activity. The industry has evolved significantly and is expected to attract investments worth 2.3 billion dollars in 2025. There is no stopping the growth, but where do you stand?
    We can help you be in the top 1% of the leaders driving this growth. Our digital solutions are geared toward growing your business organically. We have the experience and expertise to create unparalleled success for your business.

    How the Hospitality Industry has Evolved?



    Managing Guest Expectations

    It has become increasingly challenging for businesses to manage their guest expectations. Guests expect hotels to cater to their immediate needs in a personalized manner. Companies need to develop hospitality technologies that can integrate user behavior into digital solutions to achieve this feat.

    Direct Booking and Digital Keys

    Is integrating the latest technology becoming a challenge for you? Not being able to provide direct booking and digital key options is becoming a roadblock for hotels and related businesses. It impacts their revenue and profits. More than 41% of guests prefer digital keys to simplify check-in. Businesses in the hospitality industry must cover this technological gap to not lose customers.

    Personalizing Experiences

    Customers often struggle to create an itinerary. Digital Concierges are becoming popular to provide customers with all the information they need. They provide guests with personalized suggestions of places to visit and more. This provides customers with a customized experience.

    Providing Quick On-Demand Services

    Guests often choose not to avail of certain services because they find it difficult to ask for them. This often leads to guests not enjoying their stays fully. It also leads to a loss of additional revenue for hotels. Providing guests with a digital option to book services as and when they want saves manpower and prevents inconvenience for guests.

    Maintaining Online Reputation

    Are you struggling with negative reviews about your hotel? A single negative review can spell a major disaster for businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry. These businesses should focus on maintaining their online reputation. They need to keep track of their online image to not lose their customer base to doubts.

    Connecting with Guests

    Not all promotional activities provide similar results. Businesses in the hospitality industry lose out on important leads because their marketing material does not resonate with their audience. Understanding your customer base and tailoring your marketing efforts to their needs is crucial.

    Off-season Revenue Generation

    Are you struggling with lead generation? During the off-season, hospitality suffers significantly. Lead generation is almost negligible. To ensure the inflow of guests during the off-season, putting your best marketing strategies forward is essential.

    Achieving Discoverability

    Your hotel can have all the facilities but won’t have customers unless you are discoverable. Making your hotel discoverable on the internet is essential to attract customers. Your hotel needs to appear in the first position of search engines to be a top choice among the public.

    What’s Trending in the Hospitality Industry?

    Current Trends in Hospitality


    At Inciterz, we create customized plans for our clients using our diverse solutions stack. Our solutions are tailored with your short-term and long-term business goals in mind. We aim to create strategies that will help your business stand out from the rest.



    Web Development

    Having a website is an important part of your hospitality business. They are a direct representation of your business. We offer full-stack web development services to create an attractive website for your hotel that will serve all your purposes. We develop websites that are easy to navigate and offer a seamless browsing experience to your guests. We also integrate augmented reality to provide users with a more immersive experience. We also ensure our websites are mobile-friendly and can be accessed easily across regions in different languages.

    Mobile App Development

    Your hospitality business must have a mobile app! From offering easy check-in options to creating an immersive ecosystem for your guests, it can do wonders for your business. Mobile apps act as digital keys and simplify how visitors book and avail of various services on demand. We ensure our mobile apps have numerous language options available so that the needs of all your guests are catered to. We also develop on-demand concierge apps so guests can access all the services easily and efficiently.


    Designing is a crucial job, and our experts do it flawlessly. From ensuring your website is optimized for the best user experience to creating posters that attract attention, we provide comprehensive design solutions to help your business stand out. Our team is adept at choosing fonts and visuals that are known to improve user engagement. We consider UI/UX guidelines so that your apps and websites are user-friendly.

    Hotel Booking Engines

    Hotel booking engines can be extremely useful in managing your booking. Such engines can easily be integrated with your website and app to provide customers with a seamless booking experience. We create intuitive hotel booking engines that are mobile-friendly and provide real-time information to both guests and hotels regarding the status of bookings. It can also be integrated with social media to boost the rate at which rooms are booked in your hotel. We also integrate payment gateways with multiple currency options. With your online hotel booking engine, you don’t have to pay any third-party fee and can handle all the bookings in-house at a minimal cost.

    Artificial Intelligence

    We leverage AI to ensure your business stays ahead of the competition. AI in the hospitality industry is being leveraged to create a more personalized experience for users. We power our strategies with AI to tailor to your guest’s needs and preferences. We track user behavior with AI to create effective strategies that can boost your business by more than 70%. Artificial Intelligence in hospitality can also be used to develop chat solutions to create a better and more personalized experience for your guests. We create advanced chatbots that can accurately answer questions and provide relevant suggestions. They improve convenience for your guests and save time and effort for your workforce.


    The Internet of Things is also a wonderful tool to help you optimize your hospitality business. It extends your internet connection to different devices, allowing users a more comfortable approach to appliances. Smart devices powered by IoT are preferred widely by customers as it helps them better access the various appliances. IoT in the hospitality industry can also improve efficiency by streamlining operations by connecting and automating multiple devices. Hotel staff can easily track how the devices are being used to create better services for their customers in the future.



    Content Marketing

    Our content team is adept at creating promotional material that resonates with your audience. From acquisition to retention, content can do it all for you. We offer relevant content solutions for your business that will help you connect better with your prospective guests. We create and curate content that aims to engage, entertain, and educate. We also leverage content seeding through which influencers and bloggers will post authentic and relatable content that will help promote your hotel extensively across various platforms.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Our SEO experts will make sure your website ranks on top. We create comprehensive strategies that will improve the discoverability of your website. We run local and global SEO techniques to help your hotel be the first result people see for all relevant queries. Our team also provides in-depth SEO audits to identify what can be improved to increase the overall visibility of your business. We focus on generating more direct reservations for your business by driving traffic directly to your landing page through our SEO for hospitality solutions.

    Churn Analysis

    We do a churn analysis using historical customer data to understand where your business is lacking. This also helps create more defined strategies geared towards achieving specific goals for your hospitality business. We also use churn analysis while doing keyword research to determine why your website may not attract visitors. Our team runs churn rate optimization to avoid customer loss and reduce your turnover rate. We help you develop a better understanding of your customers so you can customize your services and strategies accordingly. We help you create an onboarding process that is sure to make your customers stay.

    Social Media

    We are a firm believer of the power of social media. The hospitality industry can benefit from social media by employing a number of strategies. Our team creates all-inclusive strategies to leverage all possible trends. We create campaigns that target each customer’s personal interests. We also leverage influencer marketing to create more visibility and a loyal following for your business. Our social media strategies for the hospitality industry are targeted towards improving the number of direct reservations. We also leverage user-generated content and present it in a way that makes our brand look more approachable and customer-friendly.

    Paid Advertising

    Our team runs paid ads targeted toward your target audience. We provide PPC and social media ad solutions to help you reach a wider audience. We set a budget and create effective ads to expand your business’s reach. We also leverage retargeting ads to provide a personalized experience and increase guest’s interest in your service. Our team focuses on understanding the demographics of your target audience to create ads that are sure to fetch you positive results. We work with an omnichannel approach and create effective ad funnels to help your campaigns get maximum traction.

    Membership Management

    We offer our clients membership management services in an attempt to help you retain and satisfy your customers in a better way. We provide strategy and consulting services tailored to your business goals. Our market strategists and consultants possess insights into the hospitality industry. They combine these insights with the latest technology to create plans to help you create effective marketing strategies. We build new memberships and use our solutions to help you with inventory management to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


    Inciterz is a team of result-driven technology and marketing strategists and consultants. We create valuable digital assets and integrate them with the latest technology. Our decisions are driven by data and in tandem with the latest trends in the industry.
    We have gathered years of experience and expertise by implementing successful digital solutions for the hospitality industry. We focus on your goals and create plans that align with your brand. We work as an extension of your team. We are dedicated, and you can rely on us for all your hospitality marketing and technology needs. Contact us now to learn more about how our strategies can take your business to the next level!

    FAQs on Hospitality Industry

    What can I achieve with hospitality marketing solutions?
    With hospitality marketing solutions you can achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Our marketing solutions are tailored to create a more personalized experience for your users that results in higher rates of conversions.
    What are the latest hospitality technology trends?
    The latest hospitality trends include hotel booking engines, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and mobile apps. Keeping up with these trends is crucial to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.
    How can I grow my business in the hospitality industry?
    To grow your business in the hospitality industry, you need to integrate digital solutions into your daily operations. Keep yourself updated with the latest hospitality trends in marketing and technology to create custom solutions that can help you scale your business.
    What is the use of AI in hospitality?
    There are many ways in which AI can be used in the hospitality industry. AI in hospitality is mostly used to create personalized experiences for customers based on their past behavior. It is also used for creating chat solutions that can provide highly accurate answers.
    What is IoT in hospitality?
    IoT in the hospitality industry is revolutionizing the way guests work their way through appliances in hotels. It also enables hotels to better track their devices and provide a comfortable experience to their guests.