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5 News Apps to Consider Before Getting 1 Developed

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5 News Apps to Consider Before Getting 1 Developed

Newspapers keep a person alert about every event happening in the world. News is essential to life, but the ever-changing world is now adopting an innovative source to access daily news worldwide. The internet and technological advancements gave rise to news apps. Nowadays, people can easily access the news, but finding a reliable single app that offers an excellent experience takes work. Because of the wide range of news apps available, people can’t decide which app to use and often avoid using them. If you need clarification about which news app offers the best features, here you can find the top 5 news apps and their unique features.

Best News App of 2023

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Here is the list of the best news apps of 2023 that you must know. Learn about the unique features of all news apps.

  • Dailyhunt

This news app is an Indian news distribution platform that offers news articles in various languages. It is well known for providing news articles in various regional languages in India. You can access national, international, and local articles in these languages, such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, and Urdu. It contains news articles from different publishers, as it is not limited to one source of information. 

It was launched in 2009 as Newshunt but later rebranded as Dailyhunt in 2015. It has over 130 million monthly active users and over 300 downloads. This app dashboard contains all trending topics, which allow users to select from the topics in the app. This app also offers live streaming, which keeps its users ahead of everyone else. You can also find a range of regional language books. It offers a range of interesting content, including sports news, lifestyle, entertainment, education, and more. 

  • InShort

Another news app on the list is InShort. This app provides users with the latest crispy news stories from around the world in 60 words or less. This app’s unique feature is to curate news from different sources and summarize it in a short and easy-to-understand format. Generally, people have busy lives and need more time to read or watch lengthy news articles. This app is for those people with busy lives and the mobile generation who don’t bother to go into detail about each news topic. Instead, young people want to read the topic in short and get to the next news story in line.

This news app also provides a personalized news feed that the user tailors according to interests and preferences. It uses machine learning algorithms to learn users’ reading habits and deliver the most relevant news stories. The app is easy to use and convenient for all types of users. Both Android and iOS users can download this popular news app. 

  • Google News

Google has dominated all internet searches and now serves news distributing services. This app collects news articles from multiple sources worldwide and presents them to users in a personalized feed. Google is known for using advanced technology. Similarly, it uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze users’ reading habits and interests. 

It delivers the best news article reading experience as it always finds the relevant topic for its users. This app also offers customization features, allows users to follow specific authors, and more. It provides full coverage features, allowing users to read the article, including videos, images, and timelines related to the stores.   

  • Flipboard

Another news application is similar to social media platforms. Users can create personalized digital magazines based on their interests using this app. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find a range of topics for reading, such as entertainment, sports, tech, and more. Aside from creating customized magazines, users also share their magazines with others on this platform. 

This app also uses machine learning algorithms to collect articles from multiple sources, such as blogs, websites, social media platforms, etc., and present them to users in a visually appealing and easy-to-read format. This app also offers a smart magazine feature that uses artificial intelligence. It automatically curates articles and allows users to find the content they might be interested in. 

  • Ground News

Last but not least app on the list is Ground News. This news app also covers various types of news articles. But this app uses unique AI to find articles from different sources and rate themes according to their reliability and political bias. This app offers various features such as headlines, trends, blindspot, and watchdog features.

The headlines feature the top news stories from multiple sources in a single feed. It helps users get the latest news about all types of topics worldwide. The trend feature of this app allows users to display the same topic portrayed by different sources. The blindspot feature is innovative as it lets users find news sources they may have yet to be aware of or overlooked. The last feature, the watchdog feature, allows users to monitor the news media and keep track of misinformation. 

Things to Consider before starting to build a News app

Most news apps have these features that can attract users. However, there are more news apps with amazing features that you should consider using or adding to your news app. When you are developing a News app, look out for these features, including:

  • Categorize 

Generally, a news app organizes its content differently, but people are more into a category-based organization. If you are trying to achieve categorization in your news app, define the categories that you like to use to classify your news article. You can include these categories, such as technology, sports, entertainment, etc. Choose a categorization algorithm that can accurately categorize news articles. You can use these algorithms for text classification, including Support Vector Machine, Naive Bayes, and CNN. Once you find the right algorithm for your news app, train it on your dataset of news articles. Test the algorithm’s accuracy and integrate it with the app.

  • Personal feed

Personalization also becomes essential for mobile app development. If you are developing a news app, it must present a well-organized custom feed to its users. You can achieve the personal feed feature for your news app by letting users create a user profile where they can provide information about their interests, reading habits, and preference. Once the app collects the data, it can create a personalized feed for individual users. You can also add a recommendation system that suggests users choose articles based on their recent reading and preference. Also, allow users to control their feed’s content by allowing them to follow or unfollow specific authors or topics.

  • Search and filter

Searching through a news app is a must feature. Sometimes users need to find a specific topic using filters. You can add these options to your news app by defining their parameters. Most news apps use these parameters for news apps including date range, keywords, location, topic, source, author, and language. It is essential to help an innovative design for the search and filter features. You can also combine search and filter options, as it will allow users to refine their results further. It would help if you also optimized the search and filter options to ensure they work properly. 

  • Content interaction

A good news app contains various options to engage with the content. You can add these options to your news app, such as commenting, social sharing, and bookmarking. Allowing your users to share articles and share their opinions with other users will help create a community around the news app. Similarly, enabling social sharing features helps users quickly share any interesting or essential article on the social media platform. Users can also save articles to read later using a bookmark feature. Use push notifications to alert users about the latest article that matches their interests and saved articles. 

  • Customization

Every reader reads the news differently; you should add a personalization feature that allows them to save searches, follow certain topics, or create folders. It is an essential feature as it boosts the user experience on your news app. You can add customization features to your news application by developing a customizable interface. With a customizable interface, users can change the app’s interface according to their preferences, such as background color, theme, and font size. Moreover, add user feedback to get their opinion on the experience with the app. It will help you make your app better for future releases. Use machine learning algorithms to customize the content for your users based on their reading history, schedule, and interests. 


If you are thinking about creating a news app for your magazine, learning the features of the top 5 news apps will help you decide what to focus on. Create a comprehensive strategy for developing a news app and look into what users like and dislike about the news app. It will help you get ahead of competitors and generate revenue via new channels.

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