SEO Audit & Strategy

SEO audit & strategy

An SEO or Search Engine Optimization audit evaluates how well your website performs

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    An SEO strategy is organizing the client’s content by relevant topics to improve its ranking in search results.

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    At INCITERZ, our experts deeply inspect your website to find opportunity areas that can make your website rank at the top of the SERPs. We offer comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) audit and strategy services that quickly and efficiently analyze your site’s technical, off-page, and on-page SEO.

    How SEO Audit and strategy help your business

    The SEO audit and strategy’s main purpose is to improve your website’s overall performance. Audits also identify any arising issues and enable you to address them. It also helps identify ranking keywords that are best suited for your business. Knowing which keywords bring traffic to your site helps you make a place in the industry.

    At INCITERZ, we offer a range of SEO audit and strategy services to help you focus your marketing efforts and target the right audience. We can also help you analyze the competition to offer you an advantage over them.

    Types of SEO Audit

    A business might conduct several types of SEO audits to check its website’s performance. Here are some different types of SEO audits you should know, including:

    In this type of SEO audit, we cover everything within the website property, such as page elements, internal linking, URLs, website structure, page speed, indexability, schema, canonicalization, and security.

    In this SEO audit, you can get deep analytics of your site content. At INCITERZ, we can help you review the performance of your page by auditing its links, traffic, social metric, content engagement, and conversion.

    It may cover the same areas as a website SEO audit, but it focuses more on the technical part of the website. The technical SEO audit covers crawl errors, hosting, internationalization, mobile/desktop parity, code coverage, rendering issues, and security.

    Local SEO audits help you check the performance of your website at the local or regional level. In this audit, you can conduct an audit that targets a local audience or an audit for a supermarket chain.

    This audit analyzes the competitive landscape. It helps you provide a full picture of your top SEO competitors and analyze what SEO strategy is working and what is not.

    Our SEO Audit and Strategy Process

    At INCITERZ, we follow an agile approach to our client’s website SEO audit. Here is how we perform SEO audit and strategy process:
    Crawling and Site Audits

    We start with a comprehensive site crawl which allows our experts to identify any issues your website might have and assess the current situation. Read More

    Page Speed

    Next, we test and benchmark your page load time. We ensure that your site has a fast loading speed as it promotes a positive user experience. Read More

    Check the tags

    We also check the little descriptive tags of your site as they are also essential for conveying the purpose of the webpage. We optimize the tag to increase the click-through listing to your website on a SERP. Read More

    Check the site’s content.

    We audit site content to ensure it contains appropriate keywords and doesn’t contain duplicate content. Read More

    Check the backlinks

    Search engines also perceive the quality of your website based on the linked website. We follow quality link farming and ensure that your site links come from a variety of domains. Read More

    Assess the site architecture.

    Our SEO audit service ensures that your site has a solid structure. We help you develop a logical, clear, and organized structure that accurately reflects the sitemap. Read More

    Our SEO Audit and Strategy services

    At INCITERZ, you can find various services related to SEO auditing and strategy planning. Here are some of our SEO audit and strategy services, including:
    Keywords are the source of the site’s organic traffic. At INCITERZ, we map out all your current keywords and identify the potential keywords to target your audience and increase traffic.
    Our team of experts analyzes organic traffic trends for your website to allow you to achieve a bigger door to infer insights and identify trends. We perform various practices, such as traffic directionality and a breakdown of website entry points to provide you with a full report on organic traffic trends and insight.
    Backlinks or links to your site from other sites are an essential component of off-page SEO. in backlink audit, and we submit unique content to submission websites, directories, and blogs to boost site ranking.
    Our on-page audit service addresses various areas of your website, such as URLs, headers, meta tags, titles, and other areas.
    We audit the technical pointers of the site, such as website structure, robots.txt, sitemap, and crawl performance. We look for a common issue with these technical pointers and address the issue, allowing your site to rank better.

    Industries that we can help with our SEO services

    If your business website doesn’t provide desirable results, you should get INCITERZ’s SEO audit and strategy services. We have served all types of industries, and they have benefited from our SEO services. Here are the most common industries that receive our services include:

    • Online business
    • Medical practices
    • Real estate
    • Restaurants
    • Home repairs

    Why choose us as your SEO Audit & Strategy service provider?

    At INCITERZ, our in-house SEO experts work continuously to provide better results to our clients on Search Engines. We have a team of dedicated SEO specialists who put your vision into action by ranking your website in the top result of SERPs related to your business. We offer a wide range of SEO audit and strategy services, such as keyword targeting, link building, website analytics, and more. Contact us today if you like to learn more about how we can help you with an SEO audit for your website.