Tips to Create an Magazine and News On-Demand App

10 Rules to Remember While Creating Magazine and News On-demand Apps


10 Rules to Remember While Creating Magazine and News On-demand Apps

Magazine and news on-demand apps have become a profitable venture for many businesses. They are popular among the audience and generally attract a vast readership. Many organizations are launching their magazine and news on-demand apps and getting a large number of users, leading to increased engagements and profits.

If you are thinking of launching an app of your own, now is as good a time as any. Whether you are beginning your app development journey or in the middle of it, you should remember a few things. This will enable you to create a user-friendly app that will bring you a positive return on investment. In this blog, we have mentioned ten golden rules that you should follow when creating a magazine and news on-demand app.

Things to Remember When Creating a Magazine and News On-demand App

Things to remember while creating an News on demand appCreating a magazine and news on-demand app can get overwhelming. There are too many things to plan and execute. It can get confusing; however, you can streamline the process with proper planning. Here are a few things to remember that will help you on your journey to success.

  1. Your Goals – You should have a clear goal of why you are investing in creating a magazine and news on-demand app. Whether your aim is to improve readership, engagement or profits, make sure you know the exact purpose of your venture. This will give you a clear picture from the beginning and add features that align with your short-term and long-term goals. 
  2. Selecting Development Tools Platform and App Types – The next most important thing to remember while creating a magazine and news on-demand app is to choose your platform as well as the type of app you want to create. You can create a native app, a hybrid app, or a web development app. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons that you must consider carefully. Also, be considerate of the platform you want to release your app on and what kind of development tools will be needed for the same.
  3. User-Friendly Interface and Navigation – A good user interface is the mark of an app that will satisfy users. You should aim to have a clean UI/UX on your app. Your app should be easy to navigate and convenient for users to use. Ensure there are enough white spaces and good fonts to enable a good reading experience for your users. Use different colors and images mindfully so your users can have a good experience while browsing news on your app.
  4. Include Interesting Features – You can integrate multimedia into your app to enable increased engagement. You no longer have to depend only on text, and you can also use images and videos to share your content. This will make your content more interactive for the users. Also, make sure you are adding other interesting features to your app that can engage the users properly.
  5. Prepare Content – Content is an essential part of your app. Without it, there is virtually nothing you can do with your magazine and new on-demand app. At the stage of development, it is essential to also pay attention to content creation. Plan out your content and how you will be creating and posting it carefully before the launch of your app.
  6. Test and Launch – Launching your app will definitely be an experience like no other. However, before the euphoria of watching your app take off, you need to test it. Testing your app is essential to ensure that the final product you are giving to your users is perfect and without any bugs. Test your app, correct anything that may be wrong and then launch your app for the best results! 

Features to Add to Your Magazine and News On-demand App

There is no dearth of news and magazine on-demand apps in the market, but you can still stand out. Adding certain features will make your app a favorite among users. Not sure what features to add? Check out the list we have compiled below. 

  1. For You Tab – Personalization is the key to increased user engagement. Various news on-demand apps have specialized ‘For You’ pages that provide users with a customized experience. They can choose what kind of news they want to read there. They can choose one or more categories, such as Health or Entertainment, and get news items there based on the topics of their interests.
  2. Live News Feature – You can elevate the level of your news and magazine on-demand app by adding a live news feature to it. This will help improve the relevancy of your app by providing users with the latest news as and when it is being released. Live news will enable you to reach out to a wider audience, especially the kind that likes to stay updated with the latest news and events.
  3. Offline Reading – Providing your readers with an option to save certain news pieces so that they can be read offline is a great move many organizations are already using. Such features are extremely useful and convenient for users as they allow access to information at all times. Providing features that allow offline access will certainly attract more users to your app.
  4. Alerts and Notifications – Your magazine and news on-demand app should also send push notifications and alerts to the users. These can include the latest international and national events as well as news that is pertinent to their preferred category. These alerts and notifications will enable users to open and use your app more frequently.
  5. Exclusive Content – Your news and magazine on-demand app can be made more special and attractive for users if you provide them with exclusive content. Apart from the general news and features, you can provide some exclusive content, such as tips or special offers that will serve as an incentive for the users to download and use your app. 
  6. Subscriptions – You can offer offline access and exclusive content to subscribed users. You can give users a free trial and then provide them with paid options to monetize your app efficiently. You can also offer early access to important content to your subscribed users or some discount offers in collaboration with other brands. This will also give users an incentive to subscribe, and you have a good chance to earn money from your app.
  7. Profile and Authentication – You should have an option for users to create their profiles on your app. This will help them achieve a more personalized experience. You should also add authentication features so that user profiles and data associated with it stay safe. Data security is a huge concern, and addressing it will certainly help improve the quality of your magazine and news on-demand app. 
  8. Social Media Integration – With social media integration, it can get easier for users to sign in to your app using their social media accounts. The other benefit of adding this feature is that it will also allow easy sharing of content on social media sites, which will result in a wider reach.
  9. Search Feature – Your magazine and news on-demand app should also have a search bar. This is an important feature that helps users search for the exact content they want to read. This will definitely improve their overall app experience and also improve their engagement with it.
  10. Comments and Likes – Allow your users to comment on the news they are reading to increase engagement. You should also give them an option to like or favorite certain articles so they can go back to them conveniently in case they want to reread them later. This will also act like a reading list where people can add pieces they want to read later.

To Sum Up

When you start your journey of creating a magazine and news on-demand app, ensure you are planning everything properly. Keep in mind your purpose and long-term goals. You should be clear about the trajectory you must follow to create a successful news and magazine on-demand app. Be clear about the features you want to add to your app and implement them properly to have an app that will fully satisfy the users!

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