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    Do You Have What It Takes to Acquire the Digital Space?

    In 2022, the global market size for real estate reached USD 7,063 Billion. It is expected to reach USD 7,954 Billion by 2028. The real estate trends are only showing an upward movement, and digital solutions are playing a crucial role in it. From initial research to final negotiations, millennials prefer to do it all online. The integration of digital solutions in real estate may have begun late, but it has now taken strong roots. Real estate is only going to grow further. Digital solutions are going to be the backbone of this growth. It is imperative for your business to accept and integrate digital solutions to lead this transformation.

    How the Real Estate Industry has Evolved?

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    Targeting the Right Audience

    While real estate can target a large variety of people, it is still important to have a target audience. Businesses must target the correct audience based on their goals and ensure their marketing efforts are aligned accordingly.

    Data Security

    Online real estate transactions are always at risk of cyberattacks. During data migration, utilizing new technology to secure confidential information is crucial. There needs to be vigilance regarding online transactions and signing documents.

    High Conversion Costs

    Achieving a high conversion rate is often difficult in the real estate industry due to many reasons. While capturing leads is important, it is crucial to focus on nurturing them as well.

    Budgetary Issues

    Many businesses struggle to create a viable budget for digital activities. They assume digital solutions to be expensive; however, it is important to consider that it is an investment that has a very high ROI.

    Lack of Face-to-Face Interactions

    The real estate business is largely built on trust. While the industry is moving, it has become difficult to build trust due to a lack of face-to-face interactions. For this creating reason, a strategic online presence is crucial.

    Keeping Up with the Trends

    Real estate is comparatively new when it comes to leveraging technology. Hence, keeping up with the latest trends is a major challenge. Many businesses struggle to integrate technology due to resistance by employees as well.

    Leveraging Online Presence

    Buyers search online more than they do offline. Open houses will only be a success if you have a strong online presence to attract potential buyers. Nowadays, leveraging social media is essential to your selling strategies.

    Finding the Right Marketing Tools

    A lot of marketing efforts get wasted because of incorrect use of tools and methodology. Finding the right tools and techniques to market your business is crucial, especially in real estate, where building trust is essential.

    What’s Trending in the Real Estate Industry?



    Inciterz offers a diverse solutions stack. We offer customized solutions to address the immediate and long-term needs of your business. Our solutions are tailored to adjust to the ever-evolving nature of the real estate industry.



    Web Development

    Websites are the representation of your business. We offer full-stack web development services to create an attractive website for your business that will serve all your purposes. A website is a must for a real estate business because of how many people have started relying on the internet to find their perfect property. A high-performing website will provide a platform to showcase properties and improve your credibility in the market. We create a responsive and engaging website that will help you generate leads. Our developers also provide hosting, support, and maintenance to your website, so you don't have to worry about the technical details.

    Artificial Intelligence

    If users are on your website or app, they want it to be as convenient as possible. Having channels of conversation open around the clock is extremely important. With conversational AI, it is easier for buyers to get their questions answered quickly. AIs can be programmed to provide accurate information in the minimum time possible. We also provide AI solutions to help you incorporate features that will make buying property easier for your prospects. We will help you leverage AI tools that can analyze market trends and predict property prices and investment opportunities with great accuracy. These AIs will also provide personalized property recommendations to your clients and help in data-driven decision-making.


    It is an excellent technology that safeguards your transactions and important documents. It also simplifies fractional property investments. It can verify encrypted transactions and prevent any financial fraud. Blockchain is a compelling technology that can provide many advantages to your real estate business, including tokenization of real estate assets, reduced automation costs, access to secondary market information, and a broader investor pool. Blockchain is a safe way of recording and keeping all your transactions safe. It ensures transparency, using which one can make well-informed decisions before investing in a property.


    We offer comprehensive design solutions. Our creative team can design it all for you! From logos to brochures, we create compelling visuals to attract your target audience. We create all the necessary components to build a solid brand identity. We also provide a UI-style guide to help bring cohesion to your projects. UI is an essential aspect that creates an interface between the broker and the client. We also offer highly optimized UX designs and conduct thorough research to ensure an improved user experience. Visuals are an integral part of your branding and can help in creating a feeling of trust among prospective clients.

    Mobile Apps

    Mobiles are used for everything, even purchasing or renting properties. Mobile apps have become an essential part of real estate, and if you don't have one, you are missing out on big opportunities! Mobile apps can simplify various real estate operations and provide an excellent platform for brokers to connect with prospective clients. Their database can be regularly updated to provide the latest information to the users. They have many benefits for sellers as well as buyers. Using mobile apps improves convenience and prevents unnecessary visits to various properties.

    AR & VR

    Leveraging virtual reality in real estate will help you gain customers' trust. A 3D tour provides prospective buyers with a 3D apartment tour while they are in the process of selection. It helps buyers streamline their choices. It also helps realtors provide buyers with the best possible options. Virtual staging has also become popular in recent times. It is an affordable way of showcasing your property and its potential. It is convenient and does not involve too much manpower, which will save costs and labor for your business.



    Search Engine Optimization

    We provide in-depth SEO audits and create local SEO strategies to help your real estate business's visibility. Your website can be a valuable asset, but only if it is visible to others. We optimize your web pages for relevant keywords to make them rank on top. We do comprehensive competition analysis and focus on branded and generic keywords that will fetch you the most relevant traffic, which can turn into valuable leads. Having on-page and off-page SEO strategies is essential to ensure your website is getting you quality leads. We also optimize your website for mobile to ensure its best possible performance to reduce your dependency on paid channels.

    Content Marketing

    Content does it all for you, from acquisition to retention of customers. A strong content marketing strategy is a must for your business. We offer the latest content marketing solutions to help you with the long-term success of your business. We create relevant and actionable content that will help agents connect with the correct audience. Our team researches about local community to help you create a distinct brand voice that resonates with people at a personal level. We develop creative and result-driven email marketing campaigns to help you connect better with local communities. We provide well-researched real estate blogs further to develop your image as an expert in the field.

    Social Media

    Real estate is based on trust; social media can help you develop that. It needs minimal investment and will help you build a brand and attract quality leads. Influencer marketing can do wonders for a business as they have a wide audience base that trusts them and their recommendations. We leverage social media as much as possible to ensure your business is getting seen by the right people on the right platforms. We post relevant content that builds your brand image and makes it recognizable.

    Short Videos

    We provide social media content, digital films, branded content, and more services for your business. Short videos are in trend and can be used to create an initial interest in the property. Leveraging short videos to showcase properties will help you capture the attention of prospective buyers. We create video content that adds value to your business and can be leveraged to market your business and attract more audience to your social media pages.

    Paid Advertising

    We provide PPC and social media ad solutions to help you generate a large number of leads for your sales team. We set a budget and create effective ads to expand your business's reach. Real estate businesses can use retargeting to promote personalized content tailored to your user's needs specifically. We research the areas where you are selling properties to target specific demographics that are relevant to you. We ensure your investment in paid advertising achieves high ROI by attracting quality leads to your business.

    Customer Relationship Management

    Maintaining a relationship with your customers goes beyond sending them occasional messages and emails. Your real estate business needs a CRM to ensure your agents are able to build on the previous activity of the users. CRM software is used to store customer data such as personal information, previous communication, purchase history, etc. This allows for a continuous relationship that is never halted. It also gives valuable insights on customers, such as which channel they came from. This can help your business create strategies that will provide positive results in terms of lead generation and conversion.


    At Inciterz, we are a team of dedicated consultants. We have gained years of experience and expertise by brainstorming successful real estate digital solutions. Our team keeps itself updated with the latest technology and marketing trends in the real estate industry. We create valuable digital assets and integrate them with the latest technology. Data and the latest trends in the industry drive our decisions.
    Our team prepares customized plans as per your needs to take your real estate business to new heights. With us, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Contact us now to learn more about how our strategies can take your real estate business to the next level!

    FAQs on Real Estate Industry

    How can I improve my Real Estate business?
    Integrating digital solutions into your real estate business is the best way of scaling it. The real estate industry's digital transformation is still shaping up and it is the perfect time to leverage it to move your business toward expansion and profits.
    What is Real Estate Marketing?
    Real estate marketing is the process of finding quality leads that can convert into buyers for your property. Real estate marketing solutions are aimed at using digitalization to create tailored strategies that will increase the conversion rate.
    What are the top Real Estate Technology Trends?
    Keeping up with the top real estate technology trends will help you get an edge over the competitors. The latest technology trends for real estate include AI, Mobile Apps, AR & VR, Blockchain, and Web Development.
    What does the Real Estate app do?
    A real estate app can do wonders for your business! Having an app can simplify the buying and renting processes. A real estate app can also help you create a better user experience by providing virtual tours, options to compare prices, etc.
    Do I need a Real Estate Website?
    Yes, you do need a real estate website! It is the representation of your business and can potentially create a strong first impression. Having a high-performance real estate website also ensures that you are able to showcase your properties in a better way.