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React Native

We can develop React Native apps from scratch or add the framework to your existing application.

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    Provides native-like experiences to your valuable users with the help of React Native app development services at a competitive rate. At Inciterz, we can develop React Native apps from scratch or add the framework to your existing application. We develop the react native app in half the development time.

    What is the React Native development service?

    React Native is an excellent mobile app development framework backed by Facebook. It uses Javascript to build stunning native apps. Developers use React Native to develop robust mobile apps that feature high speed, more efficiency, and code sharing, and they work on both platforms, such as iOS and Android. It is equipped with a synchronous API, JS-powered development, and performance.

    Advantages of React Native development

    At ABC, we ensure that our React Native app development delivers proper communication, quality, transparency, and human relations. Our mobile app development with React Native has more advantages
    By using react native for developing an application for Android, you can use the same code for development on iOS. It saves a lot of time in the development of applications. According to a calculation, about 90% of the code can be reused between iOS and Android.
    React Native saves a lot of time when developing an application, which cuts the cost in half. You can develop a React Native app for Android and iOS for the price of one application’s development. It also saves time when maintaining and updating both applications.
    The development of React Native framework started as a need for a mobile alternative that holds the key benefits of power and agility of the Native React environment and mobile app development. Facebook created the react native framework and strong development community support and continuously pushed it forward.
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    Users quickly adapt to apps built using React Native, as they perform like a native app built on a specific Android or iOS platform. These apps use the graphic processing unit, making them faster than cross-platform hybrid technologies.
    React native apps use the React JavaScript library to build fast and responsive user interfaces. You can use this technology to create simple and complex UI apps.
    The main benefit of react native is that it is an open-source JavaScrip framework for mobile app development. It is freely available, and developers can use it to design apps for the web, Android, and iOS.

    How do we develop React Native Applications?

    At ABC, we ensure your app gets everything at each step of the development cycle. Here is our react native app development cycle


    Our developers understand the client’s vision and requirements for the end product. Our developers use soft skills to provide various ways to convey the client’s message effectively.



    We also plan and design the prototype of the entire interface and design and provide this information to the client during the consultation. We also include other information, such as the technology we will use for the app development.



    We start coding the entire application step-by-step to ensure a smooth workflow. Our developer's team works closely with the client and gives them updates at each step of the development process.



    Once the application is complete, we send it through various testing to fix bugs and performance issues. We launch the application on both platforms as per the client’s requirement.


    After-release support

    After launching the application to the required platforms, we monitor it for bugs and errors. We also make necessary changes and regularly update the app to maintain its performance.

    Our React Native development Services

    At ABC, we provide trusted react native developers who can deliver you bespoke services related to react native app development.
    Applications built using React Native have various benefits for enterprises and SMEs. However, the framework may only fit some mobile development requirements. We consult with our clients, understand their vision for mobile apps, and find the best way to achieve it.
    We can help you develop simple to complex React Native app development. We listen to your ideas and help you provide a customized mobile app using this open-source JavaScript platform.
    We design a smooth, consistent, and elegant UI/UX design for your mobile app using the latest tools and trends. Our developers are experts at creating initiative and easy-to-use mobile apps using react native.
    The main feature of react native apps is that users can use them from any platform, i.e., Android and iOS. We ensure that the apps or websites are well-built per your company’s needs.
    We ensure maximum user validation and help your plans get to the Market quicker. With MVP development, you can repeatedly fabricate a superior item to get client approval.

    What makes our React Native Developers Stand Out?

    Our developers hold various skills which help them develop native applications in the best and fastest manner. Here is the list of skills our developers have to share with you in your project

    At ABC, the mobile app developers have a solid understanding of a mobile development life cycle and practical knowledge of functional programming paradigms of react native. They also have rich knowledge of Swift, Objective-C, Java, etc.

    Our developers also have excellent soft skills that help them communicate with clients. They clearly and openly communicate ideas. Other skills that make our react native app developers stand out include being ambitious, disciplined, and attentive to detail.

    Why choose us as your React Native Development Partner?

    We are a renowned React Native app development company, and we guide different companies to expand their business worldwide with the help of our excellent team of app developers. We use modern technologies to develop React Native applications more efficiently in less time. At ABC, we develop native apps for both legacy and modern platforms. You can expand your business by using our different services related to react native, such as consultation, UI/UX design, integration, and more.