Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

This technology allows computers to understand, interpret, detect, and analyze human language.

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    With growing customer demand, businesses must improve their processes and provide their products and services at an unbelievably fast rate. Natural Language Processing is the latest technology that helps businesses improve their operations. At INCITERZ, we provide Natural Language Processing services that offer many advantages to any business. With our NLP services, you can streamline and automate your business processes, save time and money, drive real-time analysis, and more.

    What is Natural Language Processing?

    Natural Language Processing is derived from Artificial Intelligence. This technology allows computers to understand, interpret, detect, and analyze human language. This technology analyzes various factors of human language, like semantics, syntax, morphology, and pragmatics. Some popular NPL tools include sentiment analysis, text mining, machine translation, and more.

    INCITERZ aims to assist businesses by providing NLP services that break down human language, making it easier for computers to analyze automatically. With our NPL service, you can improve customer satisfaction by allowing your system to automatically analyze and differentiate customer service tickets by urgency, topic, sentiment, intent, etc.

    Importance of Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Processing brings various advantages to a business. It can perform large-scale analysis of documents, emails, internal systems, online reviews, social media data, and more. With NPL, you can save a lot of time that manual analysis would take. Aside from analyzing at a large scale, it offers more objective and accurate insight. We can help you develop NLP-powered tools that understand the language and criteria of your business. With our NLP tools, you can train it as your business evolves.

    NLP greatly impacts marketing as it better understands the customer’s needs and demands. Our NLP services work to understand the language of the customer base. You can use our NLP tools to better understand the market segment and target potential customers directly. NLP can also automate the process and save your employees from doing tedious, repetitive tasks. Your employee can focus on more important things and improve overall productivity.

    At INCITERZ, our developers are experts in developing software using the latest technology, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational linguistics. Our NLP software can summarize length blocks of narrative text like academic journal articles or clinical notes by identifying the main phases present in the material. We can also help you develop NLP software combined with optical character recognition that turns image files into text files. Our Natural Language Processing software can do more tasks, including speech-to-text conversion, contextual extraction, topic discovery & modeling, sentiment analysis, and more.

    Our Natural Language Processing Development Process

    INCITERZ understands the value of the agile Natural Language Processing software development process. We provide full-cycle IT support and keep the client in touch at every stage. Our development cycle of the Natural Language Processing tool involves these stages
    Text preprocessing

    We start our project of developing an NLP tool for our client by collecting data from various sources. Our developers also build a raw text corpus. Our developers also eliminate irrelevant or incomplete data and prepare useful text for further analysis.Read More

    Exploratory data analysis

    At this stage, our developers sift raw data and organize it to do a more focused analysis with a smaller dataset. We perform a deep exploratory analysis that allows us to build a format for representations. Read More


    In the final stage, we deploy the successful model of the NLP tool in the execution environment. We also fix deployment issues with our client’s Natural Language Processing tool. Read More

    Text representation

    Our designers use various visualization techniques to display the data in a useful format. We perform these techniques, including syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic analysis of the text. Read More


    After completely modeling the program for our client’s business, we perform various tests to check its performance against several parameters. We fixed issues with the raw model and developed a successful one. Read More


    Once we find all the relevant data and the aim of the NLP tool, we start modeling artificial intelligence and train it to automate the learning of complex behavioral and linguistic models. We use all the gathered text at this stand to train the program. Read More

    Our Natural Language Processing Services

    At INCITERZ, we enable businesses to implement natural language processing tools in various modern-real applications. Some Natural Language Processing services we offer include
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    With this service, we can help companies utilize the huge stacks of unstructured data rich in information. Our developer helped develop an NLP tool, including entity extraction, that automates free-form text analysis and extracts useful information from multiple data sources.
    We also help companies provide better customer support by allowing machines to understand consumer needs and infer the appropriate context. We deliver NLP models, including sentiment analysis, that you can use to generate leads, exceed customer expectations, and build marketing campaigns.
    natural-language-processing (2)
    Our team of dedicated developers can train the NLP model to generate sentence vectors and classify text input into different datasets. We can help you automate the process of understanding sophisticated linguistics and help identify users’ undertones, intent, and objectives.
    natural-language-processing (2)
    This service allows companies to translate and understand the needs and feedback of international customers. Our developers can help you develop an NLP model that involves a machine translation that performs effectively and accurately.
    natural-language-processing (3)
    With this service, you can automate text categorization, allowing fewer errors, saving time, scaling real-time insights, and extracting useful information. Our Natural Language Processing tools can also manage your documentation and reduce inconsistencies.

    Why choose us for Natural Language Processing Services?

    INCITERZ is a leading software development services provider. We offer a full spectrum of NPL services to assist companies in improving their operations and achieving their goals. We follow the agile methodology, making our software development processes easy to manage for both developers and clients. Our developers have deep knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and more. We consult our clients on how these technologies can benefit their business regardless of niche.