How to make a magazine & news on demand app

How to Make a Magazine & News On-Demand App


How to Make a Magazine & News On-Demand App

Gone are the times when people used to carry a physical newspaper or magazine with them. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone, which has made it possible for them to access information anytime and anywhere. Magazine and news on-demand apps are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use. People prefer to find information at their convenience, and these apps do exactly that.

Magazine and news on-demand apps also have a huge market with high ROI. Such apps experience a high level of engagement and are very profitable. There are also many ways to monetize them, which makes them an ideal choice for many who are planning to launch a media-related app. If you are wondering how to create a news and magazine on-demand app, then simply scroll down! We have explained all the steps in detail so you can create the perfect app!

Types of Newspaper Apps

Before starting the discussion on how to create a magazine and news on-demand app, it is important to understand the different types of newspaper apps that are used popularly in the market, and these include News aggregator apps and news resource apps.

News Aggregator

News Aggregators are also known as newsreaders, feed aggregators, feed readers, RSS readers, or aggregators. These are the types of apps that curate content from all over the internet and present it to the readers. Such apps let you cover happenings all around you, with their range being from local cities to global news. These types of apps are perfect for people who want to stay updated with the latest happenings. Such apps also have a high ROI and present great monetizing opportunities. HuffPost and Feedly are good examples of news aggregators.

Mobile Apps for News Resources

These types of applications are best for people who are looking for information that is backed by solid resources. It is the app version of a physical newspaper that provides one with all the news and information backed by the team of resources that work for that particular paper. These types of apps provide users with news around the clock, which they can read at their convenience. Such apps also have a high engagement rate. Washington Post and Times of India are popular examples of such apps.

Steps to Create a Magazine & News On-Demand App

Steps to create a magazine & news on demand appCreating a news and magazine on-demand app requires multiple steps. Knowing these steps is crucial to start building your app. These steps will provide you with a wide framework of steps that you need to complete in order to have an app that can attract users and make them engage with your content.

  1. Ideation – The first step in your journey to creating a magazine or news app is to have an idea of what you are seeking to accomplish with it. While it is always possible to change strategies even after releasing the app, you should have an initial idea of what you want as a result of your app creation process.
  2. Market Research – This is the most important step that would create the foundation of your app. Make sure you are doing thorough market research and creating an app that caters to the needs of the users. It is equally important to research your competitors to know what they are doing and how it is working out for them. This will help you realize what kind of features you should add to improve the turnout of users.
  3. Choose a Platform – The next step would be to decide the platform your app will support. It can be Android, iOS, or both. You will also need to decide whether you want your app to be native or cross-platform. While the developer will let you know all the pros and cons of the possible options, it is important to also know your research to understand what platform would be best for you.
  4. Select Your Features – Select the features you want to add to your news and magazine on-demand app. This is the step where the market research you have done will come in handy. Based on what type of users you have and what their expectations are, you can provide them with features that will help you retain them. Features like voice search optimization, dark mode, etc. will surely improve your user experience. You can always go back and change features, but do make a list of what you want to include so there are no hassles later on.
  5. Create a Team – While planning a news and magazine on-demand app is fun, you cannot possibly develop it on your own unless you know how to code. It is highly recommended that you create a team of developers who understand what you want and develop your app according to your plans. You will also need UI/UX designers, marketers, etc., to perform other functions. Hire specialists who know what they are doing so you don’t have to go back again and again and make changes.
  6. Plan Costs – It is essential to strategize and plan costs when developing an app. You will have to pay your specialists and also pay for any of their needs when it comes to app development. You should strategize using your own research and also inputs from the team you have hired. This will ensure that your work is being done optimally. 
  7. Prototyping & Designing – Prototyping is the most crucial part of app development because it will show you how your app will behave. It is like a rough sketch of what your app will look like but without the actual code. There would also be a need for designs that will show you what your app looks like. Make sure you get the designs and create a prototype to know what your app would look like and how it will behave.
  8. Development – When you are satisfied with the prototype and the design, it is time to start developing your app. Here, the developers you hire will start their work and create a news and magazine on-demand app for you. This is the stage that will require the most effort and money. It is important to keep yourself updated with the development process and ensure the work is going perfectly.
  9. Testing – Another important step is the testing of the app. If you release an app on the market without testing, chances are people will find issues with it and raise them publicly, which could damage the reputation of your app.
  10. Launch – Now that you have created and tested your magazine and news on-demand app, it is time to launch it! An important part of launching the app is also promoting it so as many people as possible can download it.
  11. Support – The work does not simply end with launching the app. You also need to make sure that it is supported throughout. An app needs constant care and supervision. You should update it as and when required to ensure users are retained. 

To Sum Up 

Magazine and news on-demand apps can turn out to be a highly profitable venture. Almost everyone prefers to have an app on their phones that allows them to stay updated with the latest events and information. Creating such an app requires effort as well as strategic planning, not to forget a budget. 

On your journey to creating news and magazine on-demand apps, make sure you are planning meticulously. From the stage of conception to the stage of launching and promoting, every step must be taken care of with utmost precision. Creating an on-demand app may seem like a hefty task, but once you are done, you will realize how enjoyable the process is! So, get started on building your magazine and news on-demand app and take over the market!

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