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Running a successful restaurant is no longer about just serving food. The food and restaurant industry is extremely competitive. To stand out, your recipe for success needs a big spoonful of digital transformation!

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    Throughout history, food and dining have been an essential part of society. By the 20th century, the food industry also started contributing to the economy. It became a major income source for many. Various food chains were established during this period which gave a boost to the industry. In the 21st century, the industry has welcomed digitalization. There has been a wave of the latest technologies that promise to increase efficiency.

    A Brief History

    The food service industry has a long history. It can be traced back to the Sumerian period in 3000 BC. During that time, temples and palaces employed professionals to cook and serve food. This was especially popular among the nobility. There have been various examples of food services in other civilizations as well. In Greek and Roman cultures, dining was given great prominence by citizens.

    Where is the Food and Restaurant Industry Headed?

    The food and Restaurant industry has always been huge and popular. In the post-pandemic era, it has undergone a major digital transformation. Contactless food ordering, payment, and delivery systems have become very popular. The industry has been growing and expanding all over the world.

    The global food and service market is expected to grow its share to $5,194.60 billion by 2029. There has been an estimation of 10.76% compounded growth annually. It is clear that the industry is growing and digital transformation has a big part to play in it. Businesses should adopt technological changes and overcome the various challenges posed by them. Implementing digital transformation will ensure your business becomes a market leader and not a follower.


    Struggle to Rank on Search Engines
    Restaurants and food joints often have difficulty with visibility on search engines. To rank higher on search engines, optimizing your content and website is crucial.
    Getting Direct Reservations
    Restaurants often have trouble getting direct reservations due to slowed website or mobile experiences. Optimizing and checking core web vitals can solve this significantly.
    Integrating New Experiences
    The way people order food has changed dramatically after the pandemic. Integrating technology is essential to cater to this new experience that most prefer nowadays.
    Getting an Edge Over the Competitor
    There is no dearth of choices when it comes to restaurants. It is hard to get an edge over your competitors unless you are leveraging the latest technology to attract customers.


    The restaurant and food industry has evolved significantly. It is still on the path to digitalization and new technologies are being introduced regularly. For a business, knowing the current marketing and technology trends of the industry is essential to scaling its growth.



    Adopting QR Codes

    Restaurants are using QR codes to help customers digitally access their menus. Customers can scan QR codes to get the menus to open directly on their mobile phones. This is environment-friendly as well as convenient.


    Augmented Reality Menus

    This is an emerging technology that allows customers to see a 3D image of the food item. It will provide an immersive experience which will improve customer experience. It is also expected that this technology can help customers see a 3D image of a food item just by placing their phones over the physical menus.


    Kitchen Display Screens

    Businesses can benefit significantly from kitchen display screens. It can be connected with the point-of-sale system to improve workflow and simplify operations in both the dining room and kitchen. It is especially useful on busy days when keeping track of customers gets difficult.


    Online Order Solutions

    There has been a surge in online orders since the pandemic. It has become important to ensure that businesses integrate comprehensive online order solutions. This will simplify the process of managing online food orders.


    Internet of Things

    IoT is the latest trend that has taken the food and restaurant industry by storm. It has streamlined operations significantly and has enabled better food waste management. It also helps in advancing the order process for customers.


    Touchscreen Point of Sale Terminals

    They provide customers with a no-contact ordering experience. It enables self-ordering and contactless payment which is convenient for customers. Self-order kiosks have also gotten more popular after the pandemic.


    Contactless Payments

    Restaurants are moving towards online payment to improve user experience. Accepting payments via credit card or online payment has become a norm in the post-pandemic society. Hence, businesses should optimize their security and payment gateways for the same.


    Leveraging Google to promote your business is smart and effective. List your business on Google’s My Business to make it more discoverable. You can add photos of your business to make your services look more appealing. Optimising your business locally will also make it more visible on Google Maps.
    It is important for a restaurant to leverage all social media platforms to create a vast network of patrons. Adding regular photos of decor and dishes will attract potential customers. Also, sharing updates about your restaurants appeals to the masses as well.
    Influencers have a wide reach and a high rate of engagement. They can attract a large number of customers to your restaurant. Leveraging influencer marketing is one of the best ways of strengthening your brand value.
    Long waits to get a table can be frustrating for customers. It can make restaurants lose business. To prevent this, have an option for customers to reserve tables online through your website. You can also use other online reservation platforms. This will increase convenience for customers. It will also streamline management for restaurants.
    Ensure to retarget your website visitors and previous customers through various ads. These are effective in keeping your brand name in the consumer’s mind.
    More and more customers are favoring online delivery nowadays. Offering online delivery services will increase your customer base. By providing timely delivery or pick-up services you can drastically improve your revenue.
    Restaurants should encourage their customers to leave online reviews. This motivates potential customers to buy or order from your business as well. Reviews with photos are even more valuable as visually appealing food often attracts more customers.


    Inciterz works with a diverse solutions stack. We offer customized plans keeping in mind your short-term and long-term business goals. Our consultants create tailored solutions to help your restaurant stand out from the rest.


    Strategy and Consulting
    Our consultants create strategies in tandem with your business needs. We leverage our experience and insights to create result-driven marketing solutions to help you expand.
    Content Marketing
    A strong content marketing strategy is essential to help your business grow. We offer relevant content marketing solutions to help you acquire and retain customers.
    Search Engine Optimization
    We provide comprehensive SEO solutions to help your business’s visibility. We provide in-depth SEO audits and create local SEO strategies to ensure your website is at the top.
    Paid Advertising
    Advertising is essential to help your restaurant gain traction and customers. We provide PPC and social media ad solutions within a set budget to help you reach a wider audience.


    The food and restaurant industry is being heavily digitalized. Having a strategist well-versed in the current trends will help you take full advantage of the digital transformation.
    Visuals are crucial for restaurants as they attract customers and create a brand image. Our team offers comprehensive design solutions. From logos to menus, we create attractive visuals to help your business boom.
    Web Development
    Websites are a direct representation of your business. Having an attractive website can attract your target audience. We offer comprehensive, full-stack web development services to create a website that will serve all your purposes.
    Mobile App Development
    Mobile apps are significant for restaurants with the increase in online orders. We can develop apps for you that will help you provide fast and convenient services.

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    Inciterz is a team of technology and marketing strategists and consultants. We have gathered years of experience and expertise by implementing successful digital solutions for the food and restaurant industry.

    Our team creates valuable digital assets and integrates them with the latest technology. Our decisions are data-driven and consider the latest trends in the industry. We are constantly upskilling ourselves to provide our clients with the best services. We focus on your goals and create plans that align with your brand. With us, you can achieve way more than you could ever imagine. Contact us now to learn more about how our strategies can take your restaurant and food business to the next level!