Must have features for an music on demand app

Features that will Help your Music On-demand App Stand Out


Features that will Help your Music On-demand App Stand Out

With the boom in the entertainment industry, music on-demand apps are becoming more and more popular. While there are many competitors in the market, there are ways that can help you stand out!

Listening to music is a common hobby. Various people even claim listening to music is therapeutic. In such a case, developing a music app that helps music get more accessible can be a great business opportunity. However, to get an edge over the others, it is important to integrate a few features that are sure to get you more users.

Music On-Demand App Features For Better User Experience

Features of music on demand app

Developing a mobile app is not an easy feat. When developing a music app, there needs to be a balance of the right features to attract and retain users. Below, we are mentioning features that are sure to make your music on-demand app stand out.

  • Registration and Login – Providing users an option to register on your app is crucial on various levels. Firstly, it provides security and privacy. This helps your users feel secure. Secondly, it provides users with personalization and the ability to save their music preferences, playlists, etc. Lastly, it provides you with a community of users you can leverage to share new updates. 

Ensure your registration process is easy and there is a ‘remember me’ option so the user does not have to log in again and again. This will create a convenient and safe environment for users which will ultimately help your app gain their loyalty.

  • Social Media Integration – Easy registration process only sounds easy. It is often annoying for users to complete the whole registration process just to start using an app. Integrating social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is a good way of ensuring users are able to easily register themselves on your app.

Your registration process should be as user-friendly as possible. Users should not feel nagged but they should also not feel completely relaxed. Prompting them to register via social media platforms is effective as well as efficient.. 

  • User Profile – To create a personalized experience, user profiles are also an important feature. Your app should have the option to create a user profile. It should be an easy process that should ask for a few details. It should also ask for your user’s preferred language, genre, artists, etc. 

Creating a profile also helps users create playlists. It allows them to like other artists or people’s profiles, or join communities. User profiles also make it easier for you to keep track of what user is doing so you can provide them with better recommendations.

  • Personalized Recommendations – To create an enhanced user experience, create algorithms that provide recommendations based on listening history or past user behavior. This is a feature you must include in your music on-demand app because it creates a smooth experience for the user.

Personalized recommendations can be based on existing information such as most-played songs, most-liked artists, skipped songs, etc. It can also be decided by filtering based on how like-minded users are behaving. Integrating artificial intelligence technology can help you achieve more personalization in your app.

  • Smart Home Streaming – It is not uncommon for people to use several devices throughout the day to listen to their music. Smart home devices help people listen to their music when they want wherever they want.

Your app should be able to play music on multiple devices. Being able to use smart home devices allows users the freedom to navigate their playlists with voice commands and also, listen to their music on high-quality speakers. It provides an enhanced user experience and also increases convenience. 

  • Offline Access – To ensure an optimal experience for your users, providing a download option is crucial. Giving your listeners an option to listen to their favorite songs offline is convenient. It provides them with an uninterrupted listening experience and also saves data.

It can also be a brilliant revenue generator for you. Since your music on-demand app provides users with offline access to songs, you can charge them a subscription fee for their service. This feature is a win-win which can be easily included during the app development stage.

  • Advanced Search – Any music app is good as long as it provides users with an easy browsing experience. Your app should have advanced search features so users can find their favorite songs and/or artists.  

You can also enhance this experience by providing users with music choices based on their moods. Your app can give options to users based on various filters such as Top 100, new releases, trending songs, etc.

  • Clear Navigation – It is essential you pay attention to the UI/UX of your app design. Your users should be able to find what they are looking for on your app easily. Whether it is finding artists, songs, or playlists, having a clear navigation bar is important.

Additionally, ensuring your navigation system is optimized for different devices is also crucial. Whether a user is accessing your app on a mobile phone or desktop, the layout and navigation system should be clear.

  • Categorization – The best way to ensure your app is easily accessible to all is to categorize its content. Music can be categorized based on genres. Artists, year of release, moods, eras, etc.

Categorization ensures you are able to make the most of current trends. It also makes it easy for users to find the exact type of music they are looking for.

  • Music Player – This is perhaps the most important feature of your music on-demand app. The music player is the core of your app and is the actual functional element. You should ensure your music player is created in an optimized manner for maximum user satisfaction. 

Listening to music should be a relaxing process. The music player of your app should ensure the same. There should be buttons to play, pause, repeat, adjust volume, shuffle, like a song, etc. It is important to ensure these are favorably placed for the best user experience.

  • Playlists – Give your users the option to create playlists of their favorite songs. Make these playlists shareable as well. This will allow users to share their favorite collection of songs with their friends or family.

Playlists will also help you understand the preferred music genre of the user better. You can add an option to provide suggestions based on the songs already in the playlist. This will further improve the user experience.

  • Lyrics – Many users enjoy listening to songs while reading their lyrics for better understanding. Provide lyrics to the songs as the song is playing so users won’t have to exit the app if they do not understand a certain part of the song.

Make these lyrics shareable on social media. It will help with your app promotion as well. You can also create these lyrics in a way that corresponds to the line playing in the song for an even better experience.

To Sum Up

Music on-demand apps are in demand, to say the least! However, with the intense competition in the market, knowing how to stand apart is a must. There are various features, such as we have discussed above, which can be used to create an app that satisfies users completely.

Before you embark on your journey to create a music app, ensure you follow this checklist of features your on-demand app should have. These features will certainly help you gain a loyal customer base. What’s more, it might even make your app the most preferred one in the market!

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