Education & eLearning

Education & eLearning

eLearning has become an integral part of education. After the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in online learners. This has led to rapid growth which has opened various opportunities to digitalise education and revolutionize the way it is perceived.

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    Escalation of Education and eLearning Industry

    With an increasing emphasis on eLearning, various institutions have recognized the importance of digital transformation. The rise of online learning presents the industry with an interesting opportunity to change the landscape of education. With the introduction and integration of new technologies, the eLearning industry has been on the rise.
    In India, the education sector was estimated to be worth US$ 117 billion in 2020. It is expected to reach US$ 225 billion by 2025. It is clear that the industry has serious potential for growth which is attracting more and more competition. To stand out, integrating result-driven digital solutions is a must.

    How the Education & eLearning Industry has Evolved?

    The history of education in the world has varied greatly. Earlier, the education system was tied to religious institutions. Later, the population of school-going children increased and more institutions were established. The curriculum also shifted its focus to science and mathematics.
    In the 20th century, high schools came into existence. Many researchers worked to understand how to teach students optimally. Many theories and taxonomies were introduced. As the century progressed, the demand for intellectual labor increased leading to a higher rate of participation in schools. As of today, the education system has started integrating technology to make education more accessible and engaging. Digital solutions are the backbone of the eLearning industry which has enabled people of all ages to access education anytime and anywhere.


    Lack of Digital Strategy

    Even though ed-tech is a growing sector there is still a lack of digital strategy. Most businesses struggle to define their ROI and the subsequent plan to achieve it.

    Infrastructure Issues

    Various bandwidth and device-related issues have halted the growth of the ed-tech sector. There is a need to develop technologies that are accessible to all.

    Problems with UI/UX

    Ed-techs often struggle to create websites and apps that are user-friendly, Many businesses have difficulty in creating a user experience that is seamless and not confusing.

    Lower Adoption Rate

    Various businesses avoid change for fear of losing customers. There is often a disconnect between businesses and customers in ed-tech which leads to lower adoption rates.


    Education and the eLearning industry are still on a growth curve. New technologies are being introduced every day that are changing its landscape constantly. Knowing the current marketing and technology trends of the industry is essential to grow and become the market leader.



    AI & ML

    Artificial Intelligence is being used by various businesses to automate processes and create a more personalized experience for their customers. AI can help grade exams with multiple-choice questions. It can also analyze student behavior to help create more efficient teaching techniques.


    AR & VR

    To provide students with a more immersive experience, businesses can leverage augmented reality and visual reality. It will enhance students’ interest in what they are learning and provide them with a new experience. VR will help construct new realities for an immersive experience and AR will provide better images for better understanding.



    These are a great way to improve convenience and provide quick answers to students. In the education and eLearning industry, it is important to ensure that you provide quick solutions to student queries. Automated and highly developed chatbots can help students get quick and correct answers to their queries and improve their confidence in the website/app.


    Mobile Learning

    The focus of eLearning has been moving to a mobile-first approach due to easy accessibility. Businesses now need to develop mobile apps with enhanced user experience which will help them gain more audience. It is important to ensure that mobile apps are responsive and provide downloadable content for better engagement.


    Game-Based Learning

    Gamification of education is becoming a popular trend, especially for primary classes. It helps students learn by playing games. It increases their retention and also engagement levels. It is a fun way of ensuring students are learning and helps in improving their interest in the app/website.


    Big Data

    Since distance learning is gaining momentum there are larger data sets now. They help in tracking student performance records and also their rate of engagement and participation. This data can be used to create a better learning experience for students.



    Storing student information and credentials is made extremely easy with blockchain technology. It ensures that honesty is maintained when it comes to the certificates of students. Blockchain ensures your information is saved securely and will not be tampered with.


    Asynchronous Learning

    This mode of learning allows learners the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere. Asynchronous learning is a beneficial technology for education and learning businesses since it offers customers control over how and when they are learning.


    Education businesses are utilizing video formats to attract students. Many institutes create YouTube channels and post in-depth conceptual videos to help students with their studies. This helps them build a strong and loyal customer base which they can later target their services at.
    Google offers PPC services that can help businesses reach their target audience. Education businesses can narrow down their audience by age and demographics. This will help their website appear on top for the students searching for relevant queries. Running paid ads helps in targeting high-quality leads and achieving a higher conversion rate.
    EdTech content is mostly released in the form of blogs. Various businesses are focused on releasing detailed, SEO-optimized blogs that help them rank high on search engines. It helps their visibility and also quality content creates continuous traffic.
    To increase engagement in a competitive market, innovation is necessary. Responsive ads are a result of such innovation. They adjust their size and text as per the device to create a high-resolution experience for the viewer. This results in a higher rate of engagement and visibility.
    It is a great way of improving your visibility and brand image. User-generated content does not require much effort from the business and is a good way of gaining engagement. It also makes the business seem approachable.
    You are most likely to reach students via social media sites. Leveraging these networks to create and post interactive content is the best way to attract your target audience. You can also use influencer marketing to further develop your campaigns and move them towards success.
    cross-platform (2)
    Reach your target audience via e-mail by sharing a newsletter with them. You can communicate directly with your target audience through them. You can also personalize newsletters to create more impact on students. Designing your newsletter well will help you improve your conversion rate.
    Online learning has made things easy for both businesses and students, but the importance of offline events cannot be ignored. Offline events enable businesses to connect with their customers. This will instill a sense of brand loyalty and help in customer acquisition and retention as well.


    At Inciterz, we create customized plans for our clients using our diverse solutions stack. Our solutions are tailored with your short-term and long-term business goals in mind. We aim to create strategies that will help your business stand out from the rest.




    The eLearning industry is highly competitive. Having a strategist who can guide you in the current trends will help you take full advantage of the digital transformation.


    Visuals are crucial for your eLearning business as they attract students and improve engagement rates. From logos to newsletters, we offer comprehensive design solutions to help your business gain visibility.

    Web Development

    Websites are the core of your business. We offer comprehensive, full-stack web development services to create a website that is attractive, user-friendly, and enables a higher rate of engagement.

    Mobile App Development

    Mobile apps are significant for eLearning businesses as online learning is mostly done on mobile devices. We can develop apps for you that will help you provide an engaging and immersive user experience.



    Strategy and Consulting

    Our strategies are in tandem with your business needs. We leverage our experience and insights to create result-driven marketing solutions to help you expand.

    Content Marketing

    In the eLearning industry, a strong content marketing strategy is essential to help your business grow. We offer content marketing solutions that are efficient and will help you acquire and retain customers.

    Search Engine Optimization

    We provide comprehensive SEO solutions to help your eLearning business’s visibility. We provide in-depth audits and create strategies to ensure your website is at the top.

    Paid Advertising

    Advertising is the most important part of your eLearning marketing strategy. We provide PPC and social media ad solutions to help you reach a wider audience. We set budgets after in-depth research to help you gain optimal results.


    Inciterz is a team of technology and marketing strategists and consultants. Our team creates valuable digital assets and integrates them with the latest technology. Our decisions are driven by data and in tandem with the latest trends in the industry.
    We have gathered years of experience and expertise by implementing successful digital solutions for the education and eLearning industry. We focus on your goals and create plans that align with your brand. We are dedicated and you can rely on us for all your marketing and technology needs. Contact us now to learn more about how our strategies can take your business to the next level!