eCOMMERCE, Retail & B2B

eCOMMERCE, Retail & B2B

eCommerce significantly changed the way we buy and sell products. It is a strong stimulant of the global economy. Nowadays, people depend on it for everything, from clothes to medicines. There has been a boom in online shopping since the pandemic. eCommerce is at the heart of the digitalization of businesses. If your goal is to expand your business and reach a global audience, eCommerce presents the perfect opportunity for it.

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    eCommerce is a continuously evolving industry. It is highly competitive and thrives on technological advances. Every day, new technologies are released and changing the eCommerce landscape. However, one thing remains constant, the continuous growth of the industry.

    History of eCOMMERCE

    In 2022, the global eCommerce market size reached USD 16.6 Trillion. It is expected that by 2008, the market will reach USD 70.9 Trillion by 2028, exhibiting a 27.43% growth rate. Clearly, eCommerce is not slowing down. It is imperative for businesses to take advantage of this rising force before it is too late. Planning and optimizing your business operations in tandem with eCommerce trends is no longer optional. It is necessary for the long-term growth and success of your business.


    Difficulty in Converting Sales
    People often search online but buy offline. To convert your sales, having a proper funnel along with an impeccable brand reputation is essential.
    Ranking High on Search Engine Results
    Many eCommerce and retail websites find it hard to rank for relevant keywords. To make your products rank higher, leveraging optimized content is a must.
    Constant Grind for Informational Content
    When people are shopping online, they need content that informs them of the product. Creating content that adds value for your customers is crucial for your success.
    Providing a Good Customer Experience
    Creating an experience for customers that is similar to offline shopping is crucial. Having an optimized website is important for creating an immersive customer experience.


    Constant evolution is at the core of eCommerce. When it comes to eCommerce, you are as successful as the trends you are following. Knowing the latest trends in eCommerce is imperative to strategically grow your business and increase its profitability.



    Augmented Reality (AR)

    It is one of the latest technologies that have transformed the way people shop online. AR allows buyers to see a 3D image of the product and also how it will look on them. It is especially a revolutionary technology for beauty and fashion eCommerce businesses. It is expected AR will soon become a standard for all eCommerce businesses.


    Voice Search

    Recently, there has been a surge in voice searches owing to the popularity of smart speakers. People are increasingly depending on voice searches to find what they are looking for. eCommerce businesses can take advantage of this trend and expand on how they create their content.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Since it collects user data, AI can provide customers with a personalized experience. It is expected soon AIs will be able to detect customer moods based on their sentences and offer products accordingly. It is definitely a technology trend worth investing in.



    Most buyers love two things - convenience and prompt replies to their queries. Chatbots enable your business to respond to buyers around the clock. Advanced chatbots can provide quick and error-free answers improving the overall user experience.


    Online Payment

    Customers prefer options when it comes to paying. Providing multiple methods to pay is essential to avoid customers canceling their orders. Creating a system to store payment methods and offering secured payment gateways help businesses retain their customers.


    Progressive Web Apps

    These are web apps that give the impression of native mobile apps. Progressive web apps are becoming popular among eCommerce businesses as they reach a wider audience and have a high conversion rate.


    Social networking sites are an excellent marketing tool for eCommerce businesses. It will help you reach a wider audience and also create a strong brand image. Being active on social media will help you develop a genuine connection with your target audience.
    One of the most effective ways of converting customers is to place dynamic retargeting ads. Such ads appear everywhere and your product is always on the customer’s mind. It brings customers back to your website and prompts them to complete a purchase earlier left incomplete.
    Email marketing is a trend every eCommerce business should get behind. It helps you connect with your audience and ensure you are always in their inbox and mind. Regularly send wishlist reminder emails, customary greetings, etc. and you will certainly see its impact on your business.
    This allows customers to interact directly with the product and the person selling it. Live streams are not edited which increases the authenticity of the product in the buyer’s mind. This is the modern version of teleshopping, only with social media, now you can reach an ever wider audience.
    Many businesses are offering subscriptions to help retain loyal customers. Subscriptions offer customers certain benefits such as early access, discounts, etc. In return, brands have a loyal customer base that is most likely to buy their products.
    There is nobody a customer trusts more than a fellow customer. eCommerce businesses should make it a practice to post their product reviews online to gain the trust of the buyers. Looking at the reviews and images shared by other customers encourages prospective buyers to make the purchase.


    Inciterz leverages the latest technologies and techniques to fulfill your business’s needs. We offer customized technology and marketing solutions to help your eCommerce business to increase its market size. Our team of consultants is always updated and ready to brainstorm ideas that will take your business to the next level.


    Strategy and Consulting
    Strategy is the core of all our plans. Our strategy consultants have extensive experience in the eCommerce industry and know the latest trends to tailor efficient strategies for your success.
    Search Engine Optimization
    We create and implement effective eCommerce SEO solutions to ensure your website is top for relevant queries. We offer comprehensive SEO audits and strategies to help increase your business’s visibility.
    Content Marketing
    A strong and comprehensive content marketing strategy can do wonders for your eCommerce business. We offer content marketing solutions to assist you in attracting more customers.
    App Marketing
    eCommerce businesses thrive when they have a good app to back them up. We offer end-to-end app optimization services to improve the user experience.
    eCommerce PPC
    We provide eCommerce PPC solutions to help you create high-impact ads. We ensure your ads are effective and attract more buyers to your website.
    Digital Content Studio
    The presentation of your products matters. We offer content solutions to help you create social media content, digital films, branded content, and more for your business.


    eCommerce Solutions
    We offer comprehensive eCommerce solutions such as AR, IoT, AI, voice recognition, and more. We plan and execute our ideas in a way that provides you with maximum return on investment.
    All businesses need a strong strategy to gain success. Our consultants are strategic in their approach to growing your business through technology.
    Web Development
    Your website is the face of your eCommerce business. It will leave a lasting impression on the customers. We offer full-stack web development services to create an impactful website.
    Mobile App Development
    eCommerce businesses with mobile apps are thriving. They are efficient and effective. We provide mobile app development services to help you create an app that is convenient and quick for users.
    Chat Solutions
    We provide chat solutions for your app and website for an enhanced user experience. Our chat solutions are advanced and automated to improve the customer’s trust in your business.

    Why Choose Us?

    Inciterz is a team of dedicated technology and marketing consultants. We have years of experience working in the eCommerce industry and are adept at providing result-driven solutions.
    Our team keeps itself updated with the latest technology and marketing trends to create effective eCommerce strategies for you. We are data-driven and leverage technology to create assets that will take your eCommerce sales through the roof.
    We prepare customized strategies as per your business needs. With us, there are no limits to what your eCommerce business can accomplish. Contact us to learn more about how our strategies can take your eCommerce to new heights!