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    INCITERZ provides a range of DevOps solutions across various efficient platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. We can help you strengthen your business operations by providing constant monitoring. Our DevOps teams ensure that your business evolves per customers’ preferences and demands.

    What is DevOps?

    DevOps is a set of cultural ideas, tools, and practices that enable an organisation to deliver services and apps to customers more quickly. Simply put, it is an excellent method of delivering tools because it eliminates the traditional barriers that existed between development and operations teams. It places a premium on cross-team communication, team empowerment, and technological automation.

    At INCITERZ, we provide a DevOps model, which allows developers and IT operations teams to work together across the entire software application life cycle. It speeds up the whole process and will enable organizations to serve their customers better and help beat their competitors effectively in the market. Our DevOps team uses tools to accelerate and automate processes, ultimately increasing reliability.

    Why does DevOps matter in businesses?

    The primary reason for implementing the DevOps model is to automate processes. It reduces delays caused by biased responses from developers and operational teams, thus shortening the development cycle. Because it is easier to identify code defects and other errors, our DevOps provide high-quality solutions. Our DevOps team works together and shares ideas to reduce implementation failures.

    DevOps creates useful applications that are more responsive. It helps deepen customer engagement with the applications. Our developers and operations teams regularly improve the application to maximize customer satisfaction. Working in a group makes all the mechanisms and processes more transparent. It optimizes the entire organization and makes the business more data-driven and adaptive.

    INCITERZ offers various DevOps solutions that are automated. With our DevOps solutions, you can speed up your production and make fewer mistakes in your process. It helps you increase your competencies and bring an innovative approach to resolving critical issues.

    Our DevOps Process

    At INCITERZ, we offer practical tools to help DevOps teams reliably and rapidly deploy and innovate DevOps practices for their customers. Our team uses tools that automate manual tasks and help us manage complex environments at scale. Our Develop process follows this cycle, including
    • Planning

      At this stage, we define our client's business value and requirements. Our team explores, organizes, and prioritizes ideas from the client's business. We ensure that our ideas align with strategic goals and deliver customer impact.

    • Coding

      At this stage, our DevOps team designs and code software. Our DevOps team adopts excellent practices to improve quality and speed. Our team uses an iterative software development and project management approach that helps us break work into smaller pieces and deliver fast solutions.

    • Building

      After coding the software, we use automated tools to compile and package code for future releases to production. We also offer excellent support for branching, rewriting, and merging repository history.

    • Testing

      Once we have developed a DevOps application, we let automated tests run and ensure we deliver a quality product before integration. We use continuous integration solutions that allow various developers to inspect a single shared repository.

    • Deployment

      We offer continuous deployment that allows our developers to release features constantly into production in an automated manner. Our deployment approach improves software developers' productivity, velocity, and sustainability and benefits the client.

    • Operating

      Our DevOps team manages the end-to-end delivery of IT solutions to customers during production. Some of the IT solutions we manage include implementation, design, deployment, configuration, and maintenance of all IT infrastructure.

    • Monitoring

      In this phase, we identify and collect information regarding issues from a specific software release in production. Our team looks for issues that impact product speed, uptime, and functionality. Our DevOps software automatically notifies our team regarding changes, failures, and high-risk actions.

    • Continuous feedback

      At this stage, we evaluate each release of DevOps software and generate a report to improve its future releases. Our team gathers continuous feedback and improves the processes for the next release.

    Our DevOps Solutions

    At INCITERZ, we provide a wide range of DevOps solutions and offer specific deadlines for each activity. We also ensure that our talented team of DevOps delivers them within or before the deadline. We provide continuous help and assistance to our clients if they have doubts after completing the project. Some of our DevOps solutions include.
    At INCITERZ, we design a roadmap for revamping processes, building a fully automated system, and integrating more robust security mechanisms. This service involves the planning and coding stages of the DevOps lifecycle.
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    Our DevOps team created a pilot framework to implement the standard DevOps setup. We deliver and integrate our client’s existing tools with our robust ecosystem of licensed and open-source tools. Our DevOps services include the leverage cloud services that improve our client’s tools’ reliability and scalability.
    At INCITERZ, we perform continuous integration that brings configuration management tools together with other development and test tools. Our constant deployment services automate the release of new or modified code into production. These services orchestrate the automated builds, tests, and deployment as one release workflow.
    We also provide DevOps service to build security into your software development life cycle. With our services, you can speed up the process of making software without sacrificing safety. Our DevOps team continuously delivers code changes after testing and encountering security issues. It helps us improve code and ensure our clients receive clean code.
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    Our DevOps team analyzes, builds, designs automates, and puts in place services based on the needs of each project. We provide an end-to-end implementation with continuous integration, planning, testing, deployment, and monitoring for each project. At INCITERZ, we offer services such as Microservices, situational awareness, continuous delivery, and more.

    Consult with a DevOps Consultant

    At INCITERZ, we offer unique DevOps solutions to each client worldwide. Our team of DevOps specializes in automating, synchronizing, and standardizing the operation procedure of your website for continuous improvement. We can help you develop high-quality Devops software products at an affordable price.