Cross Platform Solutions

Cross Platform Solutions

We offer multiple platforms and cross-platform software development solutions at an affordable price.

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    Inciterz has a team of talented and dedicated cross-platform developers that understand your business needs and offer effective cross-platform software solutions. We have gained expertise in building cross-platform applications. We offer multiple platforms and cross-platform software development solutions at an affordable price.

    What is a Cross Platform?

    Cross-platform or multi-platform software works on several operating systems or devices. At Inciterz, we provide a savvy cross-channel software development strategy. We can help you build an app that can be packaged for Android and Apple devices. Our developers use programming languages and technical tools such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML that are not specific to a single platform.

    Cross-platform software is more secure than other software solutions as iOS and Android have different virtual machines, and the apps’ code and functions never interact. We have experience working with various industries and organizations, including automotive, online retail & commerce, healthcare, education, HR, sports, entertainment, media, and more. You can expect our app developers to provide high-quality application solutions for all your business needs.

    Why does it matter?

    Cross-platform development offers more flexibility as developers can easily share the code across multiple platforms using similar programming languages. It saves business owners from having to hire a developer for each platform. Cross-platform development helps you reduce the cost and time of overall app development. At Inciterz, our developers develop an app for multiple devices with a uniform design that will look and feel the same irrespective of platform. 

    Developing a cross-platform solution for your business allows you to provide an app to the largest number of users. Cross-platform development processes are easy to implement as our developers use only one codebase. It also helps developers to release updates more quickly. However, cross-platform app developers require more complicated code as they combine native and non-native components. Our developers use Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, and more to create complicated code without hassle.

    Our Cross Platform Process

    At Inciterz, we deliver our clients’ projects through a proven process. The overall time and cost of your project depend on your business needs. Our cross-platform development process includes the following

    First, we analyze, understand, and clarify our clients’ goals. Our developers start with a set of ideas when creating an application for your business since every business has different goals and requirements. We can help you reach a global audience with our cross-platform development solution for Android and iOS.


    Once our developer understands the envisioned application solution, we create the roadmap that follows the steps to build it. We use all the insight we gather in the first stage and create an app development model. We make a sitemap that indicates the relation between different areas in the inner structure of the website.

    Support and Maintenance

    After launching the app, end users test it, and our app developers provide last-minute troubleshooting and adjustments. We monitor your application and its feedback and work to fix bugs in the next update.


    Our designers use all the ideas, choose the best one according to our client’s needs, and create wireframes for their approval. Once our client approves the wireframe, our app developer creates a codebase.

    Testing and Launch

    Once the app is done, we send it to our tester to look for any errors. After testing, our developer packaged it for the various native environments. It may include some amount of technical work and coding for each platform.


    At this stage, our developer starts coding the app. We divide the work between our team of developers and set deadlines so that you can get your Cross Platform app within the timeline.

    Our Cross Platform Solutions

    Deep understanding of advanced cross-platform technology

    At Inciterz, we have a deep understanding of advanced cross-platform technology, and we offer a range of development solutions. Our high-quality cross-platform development solutions ensure you meet your business goals. Some of our cross-platform solutions include
    Our team provides excellent mobile app consulting solutions. Using feasibility studies, we help our clients identify their goals and purpose for Cross Platform software for their business. We perform user and market research and estimate the budget before our developers develop the software solution.
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    Our designers are experts in UX research and UI design. They can help you develop a user-friendly interface for your application. We also help with cross-platform integration and continuous evolution. We can also provide UI/UX audit and redesign services for your business application.
    Our team of designers and developers creates a high-quality mobile app for all your needs. We also help you with back-end development and QA. Our developers use many technologies and tools, including OroPlatform, Symfony 3, Doctrine, Composer, ModernHttpClient, and Refit.
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    Our developer adds geofencing, power management, and notification features to your mobile app. We also provide maintenance after releasing your cross-platform app.
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    Our cross-platform app migration solution includes migrating an Oracle database from a big-endian platform to a little-endian platform. We maintain continuous data availability and ensure that our migration process has zero impact on your app’s performance and business.
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    Our developer can also review the code of your existing mobile app and help you upgrade it. We also provide services such as architecture redesign, mobile app re-engineering, database redesign, and custom API development to modernize your mobile app.

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    At Inciterz, we are a team of experienced software developers ready to deliver effective Cross Platform solution to your business requirement. We have a vast knowledge of mobile app development and create more efficient solutions within or before the scheduled timeline. You can contact us anytime, and we will take your project.