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5 Major Challenges to Cloud App Development


5 Major Challenges to Cloud App Development

The forever-growing technology of the cloud is increasing with each passing day. As an eye-opening fact, 90% of companies are using cloud apps. Cost optimization has been a primary reason for over 47% of enterprises that had adopted the cloud. This summarizes the growth of cloud technology. 

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. It has opened up new possibilities and opportunities for companies to scale their operations and improve their efficiency. 

However, developing cloud-based applications can be a complex process, and businesses need to keep certain factors in mind to ensure a successful deployment.

Significant Situations in Cloud App Development

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Cloud app development has become a game-changer in the tech industry, revolutionizing the way applications are designed, built, and deployed. As businesses increasingly embrace the cloud, understanding the significant situations that arise in cloud app development is crucial for success in today’s digital landscape.

1. App Security

Client-side App Security is one of the biggest challenges in cloud app development. Cloud apps are prey to hackers. Cloud Apps are used very often, by consumers. With each vulnerability exposed is another thorn in the way of security. 

Several small factors can account for the breach of data on the cloud. Since your data is in the hands of a third person it becomes more important to take strong security measures during cloud app development.

With the increasing number of cloud app developers, it is necessary for a company to strictly follow security guidelines. It is important to monitor the team and create a team that dedicatedly looks after cloud management. In case of any issues, the team must be ready to troubleshoot them immediately. 

2. Cost Management

Cost management is another big issue faced by cloud app developers. Finding the right talent for your team can help optimize the cost. Cloud cost is an inherent part of cloud app development. If the enterprise is not good at cost management, it could be a reason for the fallout of the entire app development process.

Though the cost management strategy varies as per the architecture of the development process, there are a few measures that can ensure better cost management. Conducting financial analysis and automating the process may help in better cost management.

3. Scalability & Flexibility

Scalability & App Developers don’t go well together. The data usage limit always seems to be an issue faced by the client. The app developer is always struggling to make the requirements meet in terms of the scalability of the app. The client and developers are generally on different pages when it comes to setting a bar for data usage.  

The best solution to creating a scalable app is to use a hybrid cloud. Hybrid clouds are flexible and can be managed easily on usage. The limits of data can be pushed as the requirement and that resolves the issue of scalability. 

4. Professional Expertise 

Lack of skill and expertise in the development team or individual can be counted as the biggest threat for the cloud app development. The right talent may be tough to find & Cloud app development is no joke, but with a skilled team an efficient app can be developed. 

Constant training to team on board and evaluations of skill is another measure every enterprise must take. To summarize, hiring a skilled cloud app developer is crucial for a good cloud app.

5. System Failure & Downtime Management

Cloud apps are considered resilient, but nothing is resistant to failures. As per a report by Gartner, an app downtime may cost up to USD 300K per hour. The number itself is sufficient to showcase the system failure repercussions. 

But all that seems so big may start with a small bug. Considering the importance of every small bug, the technical team has to be efficient enough to recognize the bug and resolve it in due time. 

Downtime is again a challenge. Clouds are efficient due to their offline storage and the downtime is usually low and goes unnoticed. But, in case of noticeable downtimes, the entire cloud services have to suffer. 

The selection of the right service provider is the only solution to downtime. Also, the downtime marketed must be taken into account. Load Balancing & Disaster recovery strategy are other important factors to consider while managing any cloud failure. 


By understanding the challenges, you can eliminate them beforehand. The drought of skilled Digital Consultants seems to be an upcoming pandemic for the IT industry, but before understanding and hiring, you need someone who can help you understand the requirements of your organization. 

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