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Bot Solutions

Most businesses add chatbot assistants to their systems to provide better customer service during hours when support agents are not available.

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    Upgrade your traditional online customer experiences with our bot solutions. At INCITERZ, we help businesses understand chatbots and the opportunities they hold for your company. With robust bot solutions, resolve queries round the clock, on-demand, across voice and text, and in any language. Our bots solutions are simple, minimalist, and easy to integrate into any platform or system.

    What is Bot Solutions?

    A bot or chatbot is software that generates human conversation through text or voice interactions. Companies use several types of chatbots to interact with their users.
    Chatbots offer excellent ROI. Most businesses add chatbot assistants to their systems to provide better customer service during hours when support agents are not available.

    At INCITERZ, we help you develop the right bot solution for your company. Creating a bot solution requires low coding, meaning you can get your solution ready in a few weeks. We are experts in creating stateless and stateful chatbots. We can also help you create bot solutions by implementing a natural language processing engine. It will help the bot interact with users through voice in any language.

    What Significance Do Bot Solutions Hold?

    A company needs effective practices to stand out among the crowd. Most companies lose their customers due to poor customer support. Both solutions are perfect for generating more conversations as they provide an excellent customer experience. Implementing the Bot solutions to your business offer various benefits. Most customers prefer speaking with a chatbot instead of a human employee. Chatbots offer fast and precise answers to customers’ questions.

    The Bot solutions can automate your business operations, and you can use them for repetitive tasks like sending emails or answering FAQs. Chatbots can also handle multiple customers simultaneously, making support services more effective. Businesses also use bot solutions to collect and analyze data. At INCITERZ, we also help you create bot solutions that allow you to generate a global report containing analyses of your customers. We can also help you develop bot solutions that work with multiple languages.

    With INCITERZ’s bot solutions, you can quickly build a chatbot that we can deploy to various platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages, Messenger, Instagram, and more. Another benefit of the Bot solutions is that they are available 24×7 for end users as they are programmed software. Moreover, chatbots don’t feel mood swings and will answer all customers’ queries.

    Our Process of Bot Solutions

    At INCITERZ, we follow a structured framework to develop the Bot solutions according to your business needs. Our approach to a new bot solution project involves these stages
    Plan & Strategy

    The first stage of our bots solution development involves planning and gathering relevant information about your business and industry. We have various bot developers that are familiar with different industries. Once we understand the requirements of the business, we plan a bot solution to address them. Read More


    At this stage, we work on your business requirement and specification to tailor a custom bot solution relevant to your domain. Our developer defines the bot’s purpose and chooses the tools for it. Read More

    Monitor & Manage

    Our developer keeps track of your bot solutions and provides support if it is not working correctly. We also keep updating the bot solutions to improve their performance. Read More


    Once our client approved the bot’s design for their business, our engineers started developing it. We schedule the task and ensure the project is done within the deadline. Read More


    After testing, we launch the bot solution to the different channels. We can also help you implement the bot solutions to your existing business model. Read More


    After the product is finished, we send it for testing. At INCITERZ, our tester ensures that the bot solution’s components are working. We fix the issue and make changes to the Bot solutions if required. Read More

    How different industries leverage our Bot Solution Services

    The developers at INCITERZ have expertise in working with various industries and providing them with different bot solutions. Talk to our developer to find out how we can provide you with the Bot solutions. Here are some ways we help different companies embrace the power of bots.
    Bots can help bank and financial companies streamline their operations, provide enjoyable customer experience and automate customer support. With our bot solutions, a bank can provide ongoing offers, account-related information, and update on the cheque book to its customers.
    Many healthcare providers use the Bot solutions to provide knowledge to the patient. Bots can offer patients a personalized experience to identify their illnesses’ symptoms. It also helps caregivers to notify the condition of their patients.
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    Bots can help customers find and choose a product by collecting their feedback and preference from past shopping behavior. Retail companies also use bot solutions to send offer alerts to potential customers.
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    Our developers can help you develop a bot solution that allows your employee to get accurate information regarding your production levels and process. The Bot solutions help you provide information to your staff without needing them to log into the enterprise system.
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    If you are traveling or an accommodation company, you can use chatbots to compare rooms, view them, and check offers and packages. We can also help you develop bot solutions that help your end users make payments.
    The Bot solutions help insurance companies automate their claim management and advisory. Our developers can also help you create a Chatbot that lets customers see all the available products like health, property, and motor insurance.

    Why choose our Bot Solution Services?

    INCITERZ is a next-generation technology service provider that delivers quick and effective bot solutions to companies in different fields. Our team of experts first gives a consultant to our client about the technology we use to develop the Bot solutions. Our developers have expertise in developing a wide range of Bot solutions, including linguistic-based, Machine Learning, keyword recognition-based, and voice bot. Talk with us, and we can deliver you a bot solution in no time at an affordable price.