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50 App Ideas In Order To Launch Your Own Startup

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50 App Ideas In Order To Launch Your Own Startup


Mobile applications are the primary bridge that connects brands with their consumers. Every business knows the benefits of apps and has started developing them to lure more customers through mobile devices. Creating a mobile app for a startup allows you to reach your users, offer online services, and advertise your brand.

However, developing the right type of mobile app for a startup takes work, as you need an innovative idea to make your app unique. Here are some remarkable app ideas you can take inspiration from and develop your unique mobile app. 

Top 50 Ideas For A Successful Mobile Startup Application

  • Wishlist app

This app lets users input their wishlist, whether a short-term or long-term goal, into the app. And the app will help users find the best possible path to achieve their goals. 

  • Travel app

Usually, travel apps help users find places to visit. But this app will tell users about the places they should not visit based on their interests. 

  • Tutor finder app

This app helps students find the right teacher or tutor for a specific subject. It also lets parents meet the tutors and vice versa and lets them choose the tutor.

  • Social networking app

A social networking app allows users to connect with friends, family, or clients. Add unique features or benefits to using the social networking app for users.

  • Smart alarm app

A normal alarm app is boring, but this smart alarm app lets users customize the news updates or text that the app narrates while waking the user. 

  • Cards game app

Multiple card games are available, but only some of the card games. This all-in-one card game allows users to access and play all games offline or online with other players.

  • Toilet finder app

If you are new to the city and need help finding a public toilet, you can use this app to find a nearby one. 

  • Brand identifier app

People often need clarification on similar brand logos. This app lets users discover any brand by scanning their tag or logo. 

  • Home security app

This app allows users to monitor their homes and get notifications via internet-enabled devices configured with alarms and CCTV cameras.

  • Cryptocurrency app

This app lets users access blockchain technology and generate tax and invoices on their income. 

  • Artificial intelligence chatbots

AI chatbots can mirror and generate human conversation. This app idea is perfect if you are creating an app for customer support or other types of assistance.

  • 5G-enabled apps

It is a feature that your startup mobile must have. 5G-enabled apps can utilize the fast speed of 5G and provide users with an enhanced user experience.

  • People finding app

Unlike social network apps, this app allows users to find people with the same interests. The user inputs personal and professional likes and dislikes, and the app will scan and find other users with similar interests.

  • Investment app

This app helps users decide which investment is beneficial after analyzing the current marketing using AI.

  • Taxation app

Calculating your tax is tiresome, but this app automatically calculates your tax liability based on your expenses and business transactions.

  • Health monitor app

Aside from monitoring the user’s health, it also automatically makes appointments for their regular health check-ups and keeps track of their prescriptions and medical procedure details. 

  • Random chat app

This app lets users chat with a random person whenever they refresh their chat list. Users can also add new people they trust as friends.

  • Random messaging app

This app allows users to send messages anonymously to random users with the same interest worldwide. 

  • Grocery delivery app

This app helps users get the right grocery app to find an agent who can shop for groceries on their behalf and deliver them to their doorstep. 

  • Lost item tracker app

People need to be more mindful creatures as they often lose their items. This app allows users to find lost items such as keys, wallets, glasses, etc.,

  • Mobile money app

You can develop a fast and convenient app that manages all user’s payments. It also provides users with FinTech solutions. 

  • Gas delivery app

This app allows users to book cooking gas cylinders and make a record of refills. It also offers user benefits on each booking of a gas cylinder.

  • Food delivery app

Food delivery apps are common, but you can develop an app that lets users fulfill their food cravings within a few swipes.

  • Medicine delivery app

With a medicine delivery app, users can manage their prescription deliveries and order in one simple app. This app also helps users get health advice from professional healthcare providers.

  • Parcel delivery app

This app allows users to track their parcel and contact the delivery agent to schedule a delivery time and data. 

  • Fitness app

This app helps users to maintain their fitness by following physical training, getting a notification to drink water, and eating a nutritious diet. It also allows users to read topics related to fitness. 

  • Beauty-service app

This app lets users book an appointment with hairdressers and beauticians. It also allows users to access the menu for all services of beauticians. 

  • Digital banking app

This app allows users to perform physical banking activities such as money transfers, withdrawals, deposits, loan management, savings account management, and bill payment. 

  • Video editing app

This video editing app powered by AI allows even a newbie to create a pro video.

  • Voice translation app

This app minimizes the language barrier and allows users to translate the voice of local people into their preferred language. This app can also scan text images and translate them.

  • Event management app

Finding an event manager when you need it takes work. However, this app allows users to create their own event, promote it on social media, and sell tickets. 

  • Criminal alert app

This app tracks criminals and their updated status and alerts users about fugitive criminals in their region.

  • Hyperlocal delivery app

This app lets users shop for anything, such as groceries, office supplies, stationery, pet supplies, hardware equipment, etc., from the local market instantly. 

  • Disaster management app

This app records weather and predicts disasters, and alerts people about it. It also helps provide necessary information about how to minimize the effect of disaster in your region.

  • Last-mile delivery management app

This app helps users track their package in real time at the last delivery stage. It will reduce the chance of failed delivery by alerting users at every stage. 

  • Visual search product app

Sometimes people like a product at first sight. This app allows people to search for any product just by its picture.

  • Vehicle parking space finding app

Finding a parking space consumes a lot of time. This app will save users time in finding the real-time location of an empty parking spot. 

  • Vehicle tracking app

This app will help transport businesses by tracking the drivers’ movement and the fleet vehicles’ location. These apps use real-time GPS tracking systems with robust analytics software that offers valuable business insights.

  • Augmented reality app for interior designing

This app scans the size of the room and helps users place furniture, add design to the room, and see if the current design and furniture suit the room. 

  • Suicide control app

This app will help people with suicidal thoughts by providing humanitarian assistance. 

  • Story writing and sharing app

This app helps millions of aspiring writers to create stories and share them with other people online.

  • Text reader app

This app helps users to read text written on paper or other physical documents by converting it to digital format.

  • Public transport app

This app will provide all the necessary information about public transport, including its timing, schedule, routes, condition, and more. 

  • Shopping assistant app

This app allows users to connect with international shoppers and shop for a specific item from a certain store. 

  • Home cleaning service app

Finding the right home cleaning service in your area becomes possible with this app. Users can hire a person or service for cleaning using this app

  • Ride sharing app

This app helps many people by allowing users to enlist their vehicle when going somewhere and letting other users share the ride if their path meets.

  • Exam study app

This virtual app offers an environment for students to meet and prepare for exams with other students in the same class. 

  • Language translation app

You can create a real-time translation app for chatting. This app will allow users to connect with international people more easily. 

  • Phone silencer app

This app automatically puts the user’s device on silent mode based on location.

  • Flower and gift delivery app

With this app, users can shop for fresh flowers and unique gifts and schedule their deliveries for the upcoming anniversary of their close ones, relatives, and friends.


A mobile app is critical for a startup as it helps them stay ahead of competitors and provide continuous customer support. Once you have a vision for the mobile app, establish a development team and build a native app. Developing a PWA mobile app is also a good option for startups.

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